How to Access Possible Building Value of a Pre construction Condo

pre-construction-condos-Vaughan-Toronto-MississaugaThe fact that investing in real estate is a huge decision which needs to be made with caution cannot be stressed upon enough. When you buy pre construction condos Vaughan or other parts of Canada, it is important to know what you are getting into. There are many important aspects of accessing if the respective pre-construction property is worth your time, patience and money. And one such important aspect is the future value of the building.

While you cannot be a 100% sure of what the building value will be once the property is constructed. You can definitely try to make estimation. Here’s how:

  • The first thing which will help you access the value of the building is comparing the unit you are interested in with similar units in the neighborhood. This will give you an idea about how much such units cost and what will be the possible resale value of your unit should you wish to go down that road.
  • Next is other neighborhood trend such as price per square foot of property, rental prices and such. If you are investing to rent the condo out later on then is good that you enquire about the current rentals. The higher the rent the better the value of your own building/ property.
  • Now comes the floor plans. Since we are facing a space crunch there is dire need of using space wisely. The better you floor plan utilizes the space at hand the higher the value of the building. So invest in the units which portray optimum use of space.
  • Another thing that will help access the future value of the property you are investing in is availability of amenities. Everyone wants to have multiple amenities at their disposal. So look if the plans include amenities like pool, gym, play areas etc. The better the amenities the greater the value of the property.
  • Last but not the least, the view from your property can also affect the value of the building to a certain degree. For example many sun facing properties have higher value.

Well, we hope this shed ample light on the aspects/ features which can help you access the future value of the building. New Home Condos has many such amazing pre construction condos Toronto 2019 which are sure to meet all your requirements. So make the smart move and invest in the property you think is of the most value to you.


Choose pre construction condos to save money on buying a house

new_condos+vaughanWell deciding to buy a house of your own is surely a big decision in one’s life and it comes with a big dilemma of arranging for the money. In such a scenario, the more we can cut the cost, the better it is for us but provided without cutting on the quality, location and other such factors. One of the easiest ways to save money on buying a house is to go for pre construction condos Toronto 2019. Yes, booking a pre construction site of any kind lets you avail early bird discounts and fresh starting prices which are usually lower than the price later on.

  • A pre construction condo is basically one which is still in its pre construction stage where the construction hasn’t started but a plan has been passed and the rest of the preparations have been done. Since the project still hasn’t entered its construction stage, the developers usually offer the houses or condos in it at discounted rates so that they manage to start selling before the project is complete.
  • This is a win-win situation for the customers, especially those who are in no real hurry of moving in. most such projects take a certain long period of time to get completed and one must have the patience to let it complete.
  • One of the risks involved with booking a pre construction condo is that in some cases, the project may get shelved due to some reason or the other and you might just lose your hands from the property you booked. This can sometimes mean that the developer won’t pay you back entirely. But investing in a trusted real estate developer may not let you face this risk.

So now that you know why you must choose a pre construction condo to save money on buying a house, you too must try and buy such a project in your city. There is no dearth of pre construction options out there, given the rate at which new projects are coming up. One of the service providers who can help you find such a condo is new homes condos. They can help you bag projects like new condos Vaughan and many others and that too at really reasonable prices. So go on and book today.

The various types of residential options you can hunt for

new-condos_torontoLooking for a house for yourself? Well finding a home isn’t surely an easy process as it is a place which you choose only after a lot of thought and consideration. Moreover since there are so many options to choose from and availability of so many properties, the decision making process can be a little tough. Firstly, you need to be clear on what all options you really have. Knowing this will enable you to pick one out of the given choices like new condos Toronto etc. Thus for your reference, we have got a list of the various residential options and property types available:


The first and most common residential property type is a house or a bungalow; villa etc. a house is basically an independent property type which comes with its own parking space, may be a garden or porch etc. Houses do not generally belong to any building project or residential community and can have multiple floors as well, which you may or may not own separately.

Flats or apartments

Flats or apartments are yet another very common or popular residential options and are present all across the world. These are basically a part of a residential project or concept and several of them are present together as a group. These can be rented or bought, depending upon your preference and come with certain facilities like elevator access, parking space access and others.


Condos are similar to apartments or flats in certain ways but are generally more luxurious and often more expensive than them. Condos come with ownership of parking space and right to many amenities and facilities like swimming pool, gym and club access etc.

So now that you know the main types of residential property types that are available out there, you can select the one that is most appropriate or suitable to you and then go hunting for it. You should definitely know the pros and cons of each before you make any decision. If you are someone who has decided to get a condo on rent or purchase basis, then you must know that sugar wharf condominiums are currently very popular and can be enquired about by contacting new homes condos. So what are you waiting for, pick up that phone and call them today.